LED Troffers and wraps

Brighten your day

Perfect for academic and office settings, the different mounting options for these lights make them a versatile choice

Troffers drop right into suspended ceilings

Made for easy installation in tiled ceilings

Flush Mount Kits

Add a Flush Mount kit to quickly turn your troffer into a wrap style fixture

For interior application


Dimmable 1' x 4' Panels & 2'x 2' Panels (sold in pairs)


Watts: 32W

Lumens: 4520Lm

1' x 4' Part # 15-8017 

2' x 2' Part #  15-8010 

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Dimmable 2'x4' Panels (sold in pairs)


Watts: 70W

Lumens: 6650Lm

Part # 15-8013


Watts: 70W

Lumens: 7325Lm

Part # 15-8014 

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